Art History: Articles

Recent and forthcoming articles in Art History

Recent Highlights


Nakedness and Other Peoples: Rethinking the Italian Renaissance Nude
Jill Burke

The Ambivalence of Ornament: Silhouette Advertisements in Print and Film in Early Twentieth-Century Germany

Michael Cowan

In Search of Lost Time: Greek Sculpture and Display in Late-Nineteenth-Century England
Michael Hatt

Shopping in St Petersburg: Lewis Carroll’s Photographs and Icons
Lindsay Smith

Heterogeneity, the City, and Cinema in Alberto Cavalcanti’s Rien que les heures
Margaret Werth

‘Sweet in the Mouth, Bitter in the Belly’: Seeing Double in an Eccentric French Renaissance Book of Hours
Rebecca Zorach


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Forthcoming Highlights


Caspar David Friedrich and the Anatomy of Nature
Nina Amstutz

Ladies-in-Waiting in Waiting: Picturing Adolescence in Dmitry Levitsky’s Smolny Portraits, 1772-1776
Rosalind Blakesley

Subaltern Colour: Art, Design and Dyeing in Britain and South Asia, 1851-1896
Natasha Eaton

Dramas of Autonomy: David Smith’s Photography and the Sculptural Group
Sarah Hamill

Wandering Things: Hilliard’s Gresley Jewel and the Agency of Miniature Portraits at the English Court, c. 1600
Marianne Koos

Second Only to the Original: Rhetoric and Practice in the Photographic Reproduction of Art in Early Twentieth-Century China
Yu-jen Liu

‘With an almost pathetic fatality doing what is right’: Late Sickert and His Critics
Sam Rose

Hands on the Table: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the Expressionist Still Life
William Sherwin Simmons

The Branding of the Museum
Julian Stallabrass

The Motionless Look of a Painting: Jules Bastien-Lepage, Les Foins, and the End of Realism
Marnin Young