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John Fleming Award 2010 - Report

Posted on Monday, 25th October 2010

The recipient of the 2010 JFTA, Amanda Dotseth (PhD Candidate, Courtauld Institute of Art), shares her experiences of her trip.


The rural monastic church of San Quirce in Spain is recognized by scholars, if only briefly treated, for its role in the development of Romanesque art in Iberia. Its exquisite sculptural program bears evidence of a shared aesthetic with other twelfth-century churches of the St. James pilgrimage road, including the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. However, its singular combination of profane and religious imagery with unusually detailed inscriptions begs further investigation. Before now, San Quirce has not been the subject of a monographic study, due in part to its prohibitive accessibility: it is privately owned, located within a hunting reserve some 30 kilometers from the nearest town, and visitable by appointment only. My thesis will be the first to focus on this site as a whole, taking a broad approach to its history by addressing its relationship to other Benedictine monasteries, the meaning of its enigmatic sculptural program, and its treatment in later periods, including its modern privatization.