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Two Workshops and a Symposium - Mapping in Arts and Humanities Research

Posted on Thursday, 8th June 2017

In June 2017, King’s College London and University College London will co-host two workshops and a symposium to experiment with and reflect on maps and mapping in arts and humanities research - their increasing prominence in theory and practice, their value and usefulness, and the challenging and complex issues they raise.

Theories and practices of mapping have been increasingly prominent and influential in arts and humanities research in the past twenty years. The histories of art, architecture, film, literature, and other cultural forms have been retold from geographical, spatial perspectives, across disciplinary lines, by Giuliana Bruno, Denis Cosgrove, Tom Conley, Thomas Da Costa Kauffmann, Rob Kitchin, Franco Moretti, Ricardo Padron, and Todd Presner, to name just a few. Drawing on rich influences in geography, sociology, architecture and urban planning, these scholars and others have used maps to rethink art, culture, and the humanities, or vice versa. As such, mapping has become one of the key tools by which arts and humanities researchers have collaborated and innovated, and by which they have interacted with the social sciences.

Many arts and humanities researchers today seek to incorporate maps and mapping in their research, and yet provision of training and opportunities for critical reflection are rare in this specific cross-disciplinary area. This is despite the fact that digital technologies have made mapping increasingly feasible and sophisticated, in technical terms, even for those without specialist cartographic training. Mapping has also become increasingly informative and rewarding methodologically – e.g. what Todd Presner calls “thick mapping” - as a complement to, or, for some, even a replacement for, certain, more traditional aspects of research.

Please join us to reflect on these and related issues.

Workshop 1, King’s College London, 10am-3pm, June 14th, 2017
Workshop 2, University College London, 10am-3pm, June 21st, 2017

Symposium, University College London, 9am-6pm, June 27st, 2017
Keynote speaker: Shannon Mattern, New School for Social Research



Contact details for further information:
Dr Mark Shiel, Department of Film Studies, King’s College London