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Call for sessions - Art and Its Directions | AAANZ Conference 2017

Posted on Monday, 10th April 2017

The 2017 Art Association of Australia and New Zealand will take place in Perth, Western Australia. This year’s theme is ‘Art and Its Directions’ is broadly conceived against the backdrop of debates relating to national sovereignty and globalisation.

6-8th December 2017, University of Western Australia, Perth

The committee invites proposals for sessions that consider the theme ‘Art and Its Directions’.

Rather than purely a focus on politically based art in this context, we turn to the question of directions in art, where directions refer both to geography and chronology. The aim is to investigate artistic production and exchange in relation to the geographical, conceptual and imaginative relationships between north, south, east and west, so as to encompass discussion of transnational and global art histories; and the binaries of centre and periphery, modern and traditional. The theme takes account of the conference location in Western Australia – ranging from perceptions of the west to its distinct collections, and history.

Convenors of panel sessions might consider subject areas such as:

• The theorising of geographies in relation to art
• Art and the changing history of place
• Landscapes, travel and the sensory dimension of place
• Heritage, nostalgia and anachronism in art
• Contemporary curatorial practice and its global aspects
• Indigenous art and cultural objects in their original settings and in the museum
• The legacy of colonialism in historical and contemporary art practice
• Emigré and refugee artists, and cross-cultural exchange
• Representations of the cosmos, and the mapping of sea and land in Aboriginal art
• Aboriginal rock art and cross-cultural encounters
• Art and cartography, navigation, travel and trade
• The translocation of art through commercial forces and war
• The mobility of images in the digital age, including the role of photography
• The space of the studio and its relation to the outer world

Further details can be found here:

Contact details for further information: Vyonne Walker

Deadline for submission: 22nd May 2017