Academic Sessions: Glasgow 2010

AAH Annual Conference 2010
15 - 17 April, University of Glasgow

The Discursive Space of Artists' Films

Session Convenors:

Sarah Neely, University of Stirling,
Sarah Smith, Glasgow School of Art,
Maeve Connolly, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology,

More than ever, artists working with the moving image are directly enlisting the attributes of conventional narrative cinema, both in terms of production and exhibition. Such borrowings include direct sampling and imitation, but also exceed an engagement with pre-existing films to develop original scenarios that employ a range of features formerly the preserve of the cinematic. Professional actors, causal narration and mise-en-scène are increasingly common in artists’ films. In addition, gallery-specific screening formats such as multi-screen, looping and installation practice now frequently combine with ‘black box’ and large-scale projection, reminiscent of the cinematic spectacle.

Despite the pervasiveness of moving image art, the study of artists’ films (especially those that draw on cinema) sits awkwardly within the academy. Traditionally the remit of art history, this work’s affinity with experimental film and interrogation of dominant cinema has led to an increasing interest from film studies scholars. This session aims to demonstrate that a fusion of film theory and art criticism provides a productive interdisciplinary framework appropriate to the study of this work. The session convenors have also curated a Glasgow International screening event featuring artists’ films, in order to enhance critical exploration of this area of contemporary visual art practice.


Kate Antosik-Parsons (University College Dublin)
Policing Gender: Cinematic Strategies and Masculinity in the Work of Willie Doherty

Suzy Freake (University of Nottingham)
‘Out of the Corner of my Eye ...’: Cine-literate Peripheral Vision in the Video Works of Jane & Louise Wilson

Susan Jarosi (University of Louisville, US)
Recycled Cinema: Raphael Ortiz’s Found-Footage Films and Computer-Laser-Videos

Kim Knowles (University of Kent)
Sensory Overload: Experimental Film and the Spectacular

Kassandra Nakas (University of Arts, Berlin)
Blending light. Filmic discourse and non-filmic narration in the work of Ana Torfs

Volker Pantenburg (Free University of Berlin)
Migrational Aesthetics. Film Experience, Cinema, Museum

Lucy Reynolds (University of East London)
Hollywood fictions: Adversary or Case Study?

Mo White (Loughborough University)
Mulvey, Between the lines and the frames