Artists' Paper Register

The Artists' Papers Register is a finding list of archival documents relating to artists, designers and craftspeople in publicly-accessible collections in the U.K.

The Artists' Papers Register is available online, for free, at

The Register includes papers relating to painters, sculptors, designers, design groups and studios, craftspeople, those engaged in design occupations within manufacturing, and others – such as curators and historians – associated with these activities, regardless of nationality or status. The papers of architects and photographers have not been sought out, though architects’ papers may have been noted where they relate to interior or furniture design, and photographers where their work is not purely fashion photography.

Papers are defined as manuscript and archival material, such as correspondence, personal and professional notes, diaries, sketchbooks, ledgers, bills, annotations in books and journals, press cuttings or film and photographs of or taken by artists. These may have been produced or collected by the artists themselves or may have originated from family, friends, dealers, patrons, associates, art historians, curators, galleries or critics.

APR Updates

The Association of Art Historians has been involved with the Register since it was first proposed in 1985, co-ordinating its creation for much of that period.Although formally completed in June 2005, the Register is updated annually with both newly-discovered documents and with any necessary amendments or corrections to existing Register data. Information regarding these may be submitted using our survey form, available in a Word document format.

Updates to Repositries also appear annually in our October Bulletin. Please see the archive for access to past issues.