Previous Summer Symposiums

Summer Symposiums are two-day annual conferences that highlight post-graduate research. They take place different institutions each year in early Summer.

Archive links:

Summer Symposium, Loughborough University 2016

Summer Symposium, University of York, 2015

Summer Symposium, University of Bristol, 2014

Summer Symposium, Ashmolean, Oxford, 2013

Summer Symposium, The Linnean Society and The Royal Academy of Arts, 2012

Summer Symposium, Loughborough University, 2011

Summer Symposium, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 2010

Summer Symposium University of Bristol, 2009

Summer Symposium, Oxford Brookes & The Asmolean Museum, 2008 

Summer Symposium, University of St Andrews, July 2007

Summer Symposium, University of East Anglia, July 2006

Summer School, Glasgow School of Art, July 2005

Summer School, University of Plymouth, Exeter, July 2004

Summer School, University of Edinburgh, July 2003

Summer School, Essex, July 2002

Summer School, Birmingham, June 2001

Summer School, Reading, July 2000