Summer Symposium 2015

The Summer Symposium is a two-day annual conference highlighting post-graduate research.It takes place at a different university each year in early Summer.

Fashion & Art History
University of York
29 - 30 June 2015

Keynote Speakers

Fashion and art often follow a shared trajectory of social, political, and historical circumstances. In collaboration with the University of York, the AAH’s Annual Student Summer Symposium will explore the relationship between fashion and art through papers that engage with this subject across a wide range of chronological and theoretical perspectives.

The influence of fashionable dress on artists and patrons of art has recently become a popular and productive avenue for research in art history, while fashion designers have likewise been shown to engage continuously with historical and fine art as sources of inspiration. Fashion and Art History will build upon these conversations while also addressing questions that continue to be debated in art and fashion history circles: What evidence does art provide for how dress operates within society? Is fashion ‘art’? Should fashion history be taught alongside art history in academic curricula? When should these objects be displayed in galleries alongside each other, and how does this change the way we understand artworks and fashionable dress? Finally, how might the tools and methodologies of these related disciplines aid the study of their respective subjects?

Programme & Papers

Monday 29 June

13.00   Registration/Tea and coffee 

13.25   Welcom

13.30    Session 1: Contextualising Fashion

14.45    Break

15.00   Session 2: The Art of Fashion

16:15    Break

16.20    Keynote: Rhian Addison (Watts Gallery) , Liberating Fashion: Artists as Designers in the Aesthetic Movement

17.20    Wine Reception, History of Art Department

19.00     Speakers Dinner

Tuesday 30 June

09.45    Session 3: Adorning Dress

11.00   Break

11.15    Keynote: Susan Vincent (University of York) Ogling and Quizzing: or, The Historian, the Eyeglass, and the Visual Sources

12.15    Lunch

13.30    Session 4: Fashion and Modernity: Part 1

14:20    Break

14:35    Session 5: Fashion and Modernity: Part 2

15:30 Roundtable/Open Floor

16.00 End 

Summer Symposium 2015 Programme (PDF)

Tickets and Booking

Tickets: £25.00
AAH Members: £18.00
York Staff/Students: £18.00*

The symposium is open to all, however speakers must be AAH members.Tickets include refreshments and lunch, but not accommodation. A sandwich lunch will be provided, but there are plenty of cafes and shops close by too.

*Tickets are subsidised through the generous support of the Department of History of Art at the University of York.

Delegates attending the Summer Symposium are responsible for arranging and booking their own accommodation. Click here to see university recommended accommodation options.

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