New Voices Conferences

New Voices are annual, one-day conferences of new doctoral scholarship that take place at different universities throughout the UK.

New Voices 2017-18: Art and Movement
University of Birmingham
11 January 2018

Keynote speaker

Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll

Call for Papers

Whether moved by force, trade or choice, art and artists rarely remain static. Particularly in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, globalised systems of travel, communication, and trade have meant that art and the art world, including artists, curators and dealers, are perceptively more mobile. Yet, artists have always moved in response to the availability of work and materials, or for cultural and educational opportunities. Artists have also long depicted people or objects in movement, from paintings of the flight into Egypt to contemporary installations of the belongings of refugees.

New Voices 2017-18 will give postgraduate researchers an opportunity to discuss the topic of art and movement and to address persistent historical, contextual, and conceptual questions. How did art participate in or resist the creation of our globalised world, and how has that system impacted the creation and reception of art? How can the development of systems and networks for the circulation of art be traced historically? What can the movement of art tell us about specific works of art or cultural, political, economic and social contexts? In what way does the form of an object reflect its movements or movability? How and why has movement been represented through the ages?

The time has perhaps never been more apt to question the way art travels and moves, or the way movement influences the production, curation and reception of art. We welcome contributions from all periods that address the theme. Topics may include but are not limited to:

• Representations of movement or its impact on a work of art’s function and form
• The lives and work of artists abroad, including immigrants, expatriates and refugees
• Networks of trade and circulation
• The impact of globalisation on the production of art, its curation and the art market
• The restitution of art and cultural objects
• Non-movement, i.e. art or artists that resist or are denied movement

Submitting a Paper Proposal

Please email abstracts of no more than 250 words for 20-minute papers along with a 150-word biographical note. The submission of abstracts is open to postgraduate researchers (master’s and doctoral) of all related disciplines; attendance is open to all. 
Proposal deadline: 4 September 2017

This edition of New Voices will be affiliated with a related conference at the University of Birmingham called ‘Art on the Move - Mobility in the Long Nineteenth Century’, which will take place two days after New Voices. Attendees and participants to New Voices are encouraged to attend (although please note that they are separate events and admission is charged separately). Find out more about 'Art on the Move' event. 

Tickets and Booking

Onine booking will be available once the programme and speakers have been finalised.

Please note that we can only accept credit/debit card payments and that these are non-refundable.

Standard ticket:  £15

Member ticket: £10

Tickets include: a keynote lecture, papers showcasing new research; refreshments and a drinks reception (lunch and speaker’s dinner not included).This conference is open to all (but speakers must be members). Information about where to get lunch locally will be included in the delegates’ pack.

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Past New Voices Conferences

Malala Andrialavidrazana, Figures 1816, Der Südliche Gestirnte Himmel vs Planiglob der Antipoden, 2015. Image courtesy of the artist. Malala Andrialavidrazana, Figures 1816, Der Südliche Gestirnte Himmel vs Planiglob der Antipoden, 2015. Image courtesy of the artist.