Academic Session 6: Loughborough 2017

43rd Annual Conference & Art Book Fair
Loughborough University
6th to 8th April 2017

Changing Regimes of Art Education. An international look at art history, pedagogy, and power knowledge


Elke Krasny, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,
Barbara Mahlknecht, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,

Art education is part of the archives of regimes of power knowledge. Despite the important role art education holds for producing and reproducing knowledge of art history and artistic practice, it has so far remained an understudied area in critical art history writing. The session’s focus is on the critical analysis of art history education at university and art academy level internationally. While art and art history are commonly understood as fields of global knowledge production and circulation, art education is still connected to the nation state and the changing regimes of its ideologies, economies, and politics. The session therefore asks to what extent the nation state is still the core structure forming canonical art histories and art education pedagogies? It also raises the question to what extent art history education is transformed via international, transnational, and global exchange. Some of the questions concern how art history education was formed by imperial and colonial regimes, totalitarian and fascist regimes at times of war, and the contemporary neoliberal regime in which both the global South and the global North are implicated.

The session gathers papers giving case studies from different places and specific time periods. Of particular interest are transitional periods revealing the change from one regime to another. The focus is on the formation and institutional recognition of art history education in relation to art history’s critical history writing and the analysis of the archives of regimes of power knowledge.

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Peter Fox (Princton University) Ornament, Drawing, History

Annika Hossain and Helena Schmidt (Bern University of the Arts) Art History as Indicator of Swiss Secondary School Art Education History – Case study of the Canton of Bern from 1994 to today

Verda Bingöl (Istanbul Technical University) The Founding and Evolution of Art History Education in Turkish Universities

Hilary Robinson (Middlesex University) Women, Feminism, and Art Schools: The UK experience

Sabine Gebhardt Fink (Luzern Hochschule Design & Kunst) Case Study: Camp#1–4. Artistic Strategies as a Means of Open Learning in Public Zones?

Giulia Lamoni (Universidade Nova de Lisboa FCSH) A Community of Creation: Anna Bella Geiger´s art courses at MAM RJ