Academic Session 25: Loughborough 2017

43rd Annual Conference and Art Book Fair
Loughborough University
6th – 8th April 2017

Re-imagining Scenography in relation to Art History: Contact zones and crossroads


Astrid von Rosen, University of Gothenburg,
Viveka Kjellmer, University of Gothenburg,

During the last decades the concept of scenography has not only undergone considerable theorization but has also expanded beyond more traditional theatrical settings to include potentially all environments. As expressed by Sodja Lotker and Richard Gough, “we perform scenographies and they perform us” in a co-creative exchange (2013). These changes have been particularly fruitful within artistic or practice-based research. Although the situation differs across countries and academic contexts, we nevertheless observe a declining interest in scenography within art history, where it traditionally has been a well-established, if rather small topic. How has scenography been theorized and studied within art history over the last century, and what can we learn from this? In what ways can art historical methodology contribute to the analysis of current and historical scenographic events? And how are historical approaches to clothing and costume related to scenography as a holistic concept? Arguably, the scenographic archive and the scenographer constitute under-theorized resources and sources of knowledge. Hence, the session presents explorations of how sources, mediations and practices of memory, which often are put to unimaginative use, can better be theorized and valued. The selected papers strive to open up for critical and constructive re-imagining of the contact zones and crossroads linking art history and scenography.

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Christine Sjöberg (University of Gothenburg) Interfacing with the Scenography of the Digital Fashion Magazine

Olga Nikolaeva (University of Gothenburg) Staging the Apocalypse: Scenography and body in the process of meaning making in live music concerts

Viveka Kjellmer (University of Gothenburg) Costume, Body and ‘Visual Couture’ as Scenography in Opera Papier

(WITHDRAWN) Veronica Isaac (University of Brighton) ‘Dressing the Part:’ Ellen Terry (1847-1928) – Towards a methodology for analysing historic theatre costume

Corrinne Chong (Independant scholar) Transpositions in Steam and Mist: Evoking the scenographic world of Der Ring des Nibelungen in the Art of Henri Fantin-Latour

Gillian McIver (University of Roehampton) Michael Chapman’s Rauschenberg: The role of art history in contemporary scenography

Carmen González-Román (University of Málaga) Appropriations and Hybridizations between Visuals Arts and Performing Arts in the Early Modern Age: A transdisciplinary research project and a methodological proposal

Astrid von Rosen (University of Gothenburg) Scenographing the Archival Multiverse