Academic Session 3: UEA 2015

41st Annual Conference & Bookfair
Sainsbury Institute for Art, UEA, Norwich
9 - 11 April 2015

The Art History of Architectural History

Session Convenors:

Mark Crinson, University of Manchester,
Richard Williams, University of Edinburgh,

Art history and architectural history are sister disciplines… or are they? How many art history departments regard architectural history as a core component of their provision? What might art history students miss if architectural history were not part of their curricula? Perhaps art objects and architectural objects are so radically different their study cannot be shared. Or perhaps there are modes of enquiry that can be developed to mutual benefit.

This session reviews the art history/architectural history relationship in several ways. One way is to excavate those moments when art and architectural history were tightly bound together: in the very formation of art history as a discipline, for example, when both art and architecture were natural objects of study. Other ways might be: investigations of the parallel developments of formalism in art and architectural history; of architectural history’s relation to the ‘new art history’; of the ways in which architectural history might adopt recent developments in object studies, global art history, and art writing.

Academics dealing with contemporary architecture find themselves wrestling with debates that in other disciplines may be more abstract or indirect: how does money or power represent itself in visual form? How does the general public (whoever they may be) understand form? How does government use aesthetics to communicate? All of these things are, and always have been, alive in architecture. Perhaps this might be part of a case for making architectural history more central to art history. If so, what implications would it have for our curricula and our pedagogy?

Alexandra Fraser (University of Michigan) Charles Blanc’s Social Function of Form

Stefan Muthesius (University of East Anglia) Architectural History with Art History: Perspectives in 19th-Century Central and East Central Europe

Raúl Martínez (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelonatec) Space and Empathy in Architecture: Geoffrey Scott, the forgotten reference in Bruno Zevi’s theoretical corpus 1945–50

Victoria Walsh (Royal College of Art) and Claire Zimmerman (University of Michigan) New Brutalist Image: Photography and the limits of art and architectural history

Angeliki Pollali (DEREE – The American College of Greece) Ackerman’s Michelangelo: A moment of exact alignment between art and architectural history

Jules Lubbock (University of Essex) Baxandall on Architecture

Stina Hagelqvist (Stockholm University) Architectural History in Sweden today – a discipline under negotiation

Mark Crinson (University of Manchester) and Richard Williams (University of Edinburgh) Have They Grown Apart? Did They Really Get on Anyway? Reviewing the relation between art history and architectural history