Academic Session 20: UEA 2015

41st Annual Conference & Bookfair
Sainsbury Institute for Art, UEA, Norwich
9 – 11 April 2015

Museums & Exhibitions Session: Travelling Artworks

Session Convenors:

Catriona Pearson, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford,
Marie-Thérèse Mayne, Durham Cathedral,

This session explores issues of artworks and exhibitions on the move, whether as loans in a gallery and museum context, or in exhibitions and biennials.
In a global world, art is constantly on the move, in the world’s growing number of contemporary art biennials, but also historic collections, which are lent with greater frequency to museums and galleries worldwide. Though art work loans are not new, digitisation of historic collections has improved the visibility of these collections, encouraging loan requests from an increasing number of international venues. Contemporary artists are ever more engaged with the online art community, and so contemporary art curators are similarly challenged to negotiate this complex international context.

The display of artworks and exhibitions in new locations and venues can problematise the interpretation of these artworks. A challenge is posed to artists and to curators of both contemporary and historic exhibitions: how to engage local audiences with these objects, without losing the work’s original meaning and context? How to do artworks and art exhibitions change when they are re-located? How can changing locations benefit or enhance understanding of artworks and exhibitions? In this global context, what happens to artwork that cannot be re-located, or is site-specific?

The Museums & Exhibitions Group represents a wide range of practitioners, including art historians, curators, museum/gallery professionals and artists.

Joanna Weddell (University of Brighton and the Victoria and Albert Museum) Unpacking the Metropolitan Monolith: The Victoria & Albert Museum’s Circulation Department in the regions

Gracie Divall, Amy Concannon, Steph Roberts, Rachel MacFarlane (Tate, National Museum Wales, Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service) Touring Constable’s ‘Great Salisbury’: The Aspire partnership

Birgit Mersmann (Jacobs University, Bremen) Exhibitionary Relocation and Cultural Translation: The travelling experience of ‘Cities on the Move’

Georgina Bexon (Independent scholar) A Sense of Self? A study in transcultural curating: ‘Indian Highway’ 2008–12

New Speaker: Madeleine Kennedy (Keeper of Art at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University) ‘Listening’ in Newcastle and Liverpool: Tracing a Touring Exhibition of Sound Art

Ashley David Gallant (The Collection and Usher Gallery, Lincoln) I’ll WeTransfer it over now

Speaker withdrawn since listing: Rana Öztürk (National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland) International Contemporary Art Exhibitions as Places for Mapping Relational Geographies